Take the Express Route in planning your next event!

Event Enroute is a premier event management agency that streamlines your entire event planning process

Event Enroute Inc.

We are a full service event management agency that helps you organize extraordinary and memorable events


Event Enroute's suite of event management services covers all aspects of event planning and execution.


Early Stage Development

Theme and Design Development

Event Planning and Coordination

Event Marketing

Sponsorship Solicitation


Planning and Creating

Venue Booking



Audio and Video Equipment

Music and Entertainment

Photography and Videography

Gift and Promotional Items




Full Onsite Event Management


5 ways Event Enroute transforms your event from ordinary to wow

Party pros on your team

Event planning is part science, part art, and surprisingly a lot of legwork. What looks effortless to a guest is usually the result of rigorous deliberation and preparation. Instead of taking on the entire job (overwhelming), why not outsource the headaches to a professional event planning team? Our work will make your event -- and you -- shine.

Saves you time

Not only is event planning stressful, it's an enormous time suck. With Event Enroute, not only do we release you from the finicky chores of organizing, we also create time for you to spend on the important stuff.

Saves you money

As professional event organizers, Event Enroute has forged preferential relationships with venues, caterers, designers, entertainers, you name it. All the discounts and savings we've negotiated are passed on to you. Just specify your budget and we'll provide options to make your event cost-effective without sacrificing style.

Unlimited inspiration

``Talent borrows; genius steals.`` After years of organizing everything from private soirees to industry conferences, we've got an insider's grab bag of tips, tricks and ideas that you can apply to your event. Everything from smart spending to awesome entertaining.

Be part of an exclusive network

Event Enroute has been privileged to work across the world, on different events, with various groups of people. We believe in connecting like minds and potential partners to our clients. By working with us, your event continues working for you even after the last champagne glass has been clinked.


Event Enroute can organize any type and size of event. What function did you have in mind?


Awards Ceremony

A formal event to honor and recognize exemplary individuals


Social Gathering of Party

A fun function to celebrate a specific occasion


Charity Dinner

A formal fund-raising occasion with a planned program of activities


Cocktail Reception

An after-hours event with drinks, socializing and networking


Business Meeting

A corporate gathering of executives which covers a business agenda and optional entertainment



A day or days-long corporate event with a program of speakers, panels, networking breaks and optional evening socials